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The history of temple of divine love church

Celebrating 52 Years of Faith, Fellowship, and Community Impact
We Invite You to Come as You Are

Founded in May 1966 under the visionary leadership of Dr. Emmer H. Booker, the history of Temple of Divine Love Church is a testament to faith, resilience, and community strength. Stemming from a disagreement within the A.M.E. conference, Dr. Booker, along with a steadfast congregation, embarked on a journey to establish an independent church. More than two hundred families joined, prompting the need for a larger space, and the gracious support of the late Elder Lighfoot Solomon Michaux of the Radio Church of God provided a temporary home. Over the years, Dr. Booker's insightful leadership shaped the organization of the church, fostering numerous groups and initiatives. From humble beginnings in Dr. Booker's home to the present-day thriving community, Temple of Divine Love Church has been a beacon of spiritual growth, fellowship, and service. Today, we cherish our rich history and the lasting impact of those who have contributed to the vibrant legacy of our faith community.

Rev. Dr. Emmer Henri Booker
Founder & First Pastor 1966-1974

In May 1966, Dr. Emmer H. Booker founded Temple of Divine Love Church in response to a disagreement with the A.M.E. conference. More than two hundred families joined, prompting the need for a larger space. The late Elder Lighfoot Solomon Michaux of the Radio Church of God graciously welcomed us, and we worshipped together from May 1966 until January 1967. Dr. Booker's leadership shaped the church's organization, including twelve Christ Circles and numerous church groups. Through donations and pledges, we secured our present edifice at 1518 W Girard Ave. The first service was held on January 22, 1967, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. In 1974, after seven and a half years of ministry, Dr. Booker resigned, leaving a lasting legacy at Temple of Divine Love Church.

In May 1966, Bishop John D. Bright appointed Dr. Emmer Henri Booker (who at the time was pastor of Jones Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal Church for two years.) A different position at the close of the Annual A.M.E. Conference. Two thirds of the members strongly disagreed with the appointment and petitioned Dr. Booker to become independent of the A.M.E. conference and establish a new church. After much prayerful consideration, Dr. Booker organized an independent church in his home. This was the beginning of the Temple of Divine Love Church, founded by Dr. Emmer H. Booker. More than two hundred families joined the church for worship services, fundraising events and meetings. As membership increased, it became necessary to find a larger facility. Thus, the late Elder Lighfoot Solomon Michaux of the Radio Church of God, along with his officers and congregation opened their doors to us.  Worshiping with their congregation from May 1966 until January 1967.  Learn more

The Temple of Divine Love Church was established and incorporated as a non-profit religious organization. The goals were to afford opportunities for sincere and wholesome religious worship for all people; to institute christian social fellowship and to foster love and understanding among different people.

Pastor Phillip L. Hudson, jr.
Fifth Pastor 2002-Present

Our 5th Pastor, Reverend Phillip L. Hudson, Jr. was installed on Sunday, April 14th 2002. Under his leadership, we have a new church motto entitled "VICTORY." Wednesday and Saturday Noon Day Prayer,  First Tuesday of the month prayer and the Women in Red and White services were all instituted. A new sound system was installed and Family and Friends day and the Divine Love Singers (choir) was re-instituted. Since, his appointment, we have installed a new chair lift and remodeled the ladies, men and Deacon's Bathrooms. We have also made some renovations to the Booker Fellowship Hall, new carpet in the sanctuary, restoration of the church's stained glass windows in the library by the ushers and a new heating system. 

With a generous donation a new outside sign, two new computers, and a new church van were purchased. Our youth choir was reinstated with a new a new name, "The Divine Love Youth Choir." Also, instituted was the Divine Love Praise Dancers and our newly formed Victory Choir, which was given the name to represent Reverend Hudson's motto for the church. Reverend Hudson does not boast nor does he take credit about these accomplishments, it is the hard work and dedication of each member of The Temple of Divine Love Church and the blessings of the Lord.  


This year we celebrate our 52nd Anniversary with our Pastor and his family, Reverend & Mrs. Phillip L. Hudson, jr. We are so happy and honored that the Lord has blessed us greatly with this spiritual man of God. The wonderful ministry, great leadership, love, kindness and caring that he and his wife have shown to our congregation has been most rewarding and a spiritual blessing. We thank God for them each day! Thus, we close our history of the Temple of Divine Love Church with an original prayer by our founding Pastor, Dr. Emmer H. Booker.

"Grant unto us thy grace, wisdom, power, and resources that we may do thy will and prove to be Christian like enough to become a healing balm in our troubled nation; and that our love will always overcome hate. Bless we pray thee not only for our families, but all races and creeds throughout the world. Amen!"


-Dr. Emmer H. Booker

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