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Our Ministries at Temple of Divine Love Church

Celebrating 52 Years of Faith, Fellowship, and Community Impact

At Temple of Divine Love Church, our ministries are the heart and soul of our community, dedicated to serving both our congregation and the broader community with love and compassion. Our Deacon Ministry provides spiritual support and guidance, ensuring that our members' needs are met with care. The Trustee Ministry oversees the stewardship of our church's resources, maintaining our facilities and ensuring financial integrity. Our Music Ministry enriches our worship experience with inspiring and uplifting music, while the Hospitality Ministry warmly welcomes newcomers and creates a nurturing environment for all. Through the Outreach Ministry, we extend our hands beyond our walls, engaging in meaningful service projects and initiatives to support those in need within our community. Together, these ministries embody our commitment to faith, fellowship, and service, reflecting the core values of our church.

Deacon Ministry

Trustee Ministry



Outreach Ministry

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